For Business brokers

You must be an Envoyz Certified Brokerage to use this service - learn more below...  

An Envoyz Certified Brokerage is a sole and exclusive property of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB). North American Alliance of Businesses Brokers is a business brokerage services firm that has been providing business broker careers and services since 2001. The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) offers a protected turnkey business brokerage territory for sale in the USA and Canada that provides advanced training, support and leads development. NAABB provides industry certification (NAABB Certified Broker) as well as exclusive licensing to Envoyz, the industry's first and only app and social media platform connecting business sellers with business buyers. All NAABB Certified Brokers have a social media and digital media director built into their territory.


  1. Exclusivity to use the Envoyz mobile app / social media platforms

  2. Envoyz business broker support mobile application

  3. Legal contracts digital completion in app

  4. Exclusivity to your area by area code (s) - if available

  5. Three day 1-on-1 training with NAABB Corporate partners

  6. NAABB Certified Broker Designation

  7. Membership in the Market Share Acquisition Group

  8. Membership in the Acquirion Financing Network

  9. The industry's most comprehensive support network

  10.  Two dedicated and optimized web sites

  11. Inclusion in our YouTube Television Channel

  12.  Dedicated social media and digital media directors

  13.  Access to over 20,000 small business buyers and growing

  14. Access to over 2,500 mid sized business buyers

  15. Inbound business seller leads so no cold calling

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