Envoyz buyer faq

Does enrollment register me for the mobile app?

Yes and we will set you up with your own username and password once mobile app launches after Labor Day. You will recive an email with the username and password that you can change once you log into the mobile app.

Does enrollment get me preapproved for financing?

No but we have numerous sources to help get you financed.

Do I have to deal with a NAABB Certified Broker?

Yes because they are trained in putting you together based on qualifications of the seller and lenders.

Am I under any obligation by enrolling?

None whatsoever and you can always cancel your account at any time.


Envoyz seller faq

Do I need to be represented by a NAABB Certified Broker?

Yes as a contract needs to be established in order to legally and properly protect your confidentiality and interests, It also allows us to establish additional pipelines to find buyers.

What if I am listed by another broker?

That broker will have to become an NAABB Certified Broker or work with a NAABB Certified Broker.

Are there any upfront fees?

No, the NAABB Certified Broker only gets paid getting the business sold. Those terms are worked out on an individual basis.

Am I under any obligation by requesting a contact by a NAABB Certified Broker?

None whatsoever as the broker will need to be sure that you are 100% commited to selling. NAABB Certified Brokers are selective with whom they represent and will only represent business that they feel that they can sell.

Does the size of the business matter?

No, as we represent all types and sizes of business. Since the buyers seeks all sizes and types then we follow along that path as well

I am a cash business and do not reflect accurate financials, is that a problem?

No as we have a unique way of placing value on these types of business.


Envoyz broker faq

Do I really need NAABB Broker Certification?

Yes this service has been designed by and maintained by the NAABB Certifying Team.

Is there a fee for NAABB Broker Certification?

Yes you need to complete the entire process outlined at www.naabbcareers.com

What if there is already an NAABB Certified Broker in my area?

There is an Associate Broker program to work for the owner and achieve NAABB Broker Certification.

Can't I just pay a fee to become involved?

No, we need to provide all assurances to business sellers that they are being represented ethically and properly.